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Enroot Society aims to enhance students’ perception of the business world. Striving to foster growth and development of financial and economic skills, we aspire to develop new connections among youth through our program. Despite starting out as a modest association, Enroot intends to expand by promoting progress through motivation and useful advice from students as they become engaged in online communication networks. Whether students have ambitious futuristic goals in business or are simply inquisitive about the fundamentals of business, all are welcomed with open arms to Enroot Society.


Our Mission

Form Connections

Our social media platforms allow students to engage in debate regarding the economic state of various nations as well as other business related topics.

Create Events

Enroot Society has discovered the need for education revolving around the business field. We aim to create a memorable event that will spark interest within the business field. We also hope that our event will educate youth deeper of the business work around them. Our team is hard at work organizing the “Enroot Summit”, details will be released soon.

Involve Community

Enroot Society’s structure is purposefully open and transparent, serving as a catalyst to community formation. This system will help promote the formation of new friendships and bonds as students learn to analyze the business world.


Innovation is centerpoint to the mission of Enroot Society. We believe our platform is structured in a way that cultivates an innovative space for business education. We also continue to innovate within our presentations, events, and communication networks.

Share Knowledge

Efficient use of social media platforms will encourage the enrichment of students’ business proficiency by making business related information more accessible. Students can express their views through online forums, contributing to Enroot by sharing their perspective of various business related affairs today.

Gain Experience

Combining our events, presentations, and school chapters we hope that valuable experience will be gained by all participants. Whether or not one is interested in business, we believe that our event will cultivate the skills necessary within the professional world.



Enroot Summit

An innovative workshop focusing on empowering youth within business.

Details arriving soon.

Stay Tuned
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